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Welcome to WiltonLogic!

WiltonLogic was founded in 2008 with the goal of designing and developing new and better ways to assess behavior and personality using modern computer technology and the latest advances in the behavioral sciences and neurobiology. Today the main focus of WiltonLogic is in the areas of impulsive behavior and executive function. Problems with self-control and decision making are a critical component of many psychiatric and neurological disorders, as well underlying a range of poor lifestyle choices. We believe that improved assessment methods can lead to...

  • new opportunities for research on medical conditions such as drug addiction and attention deficit disorder
  • development of more effective treatments for these and other psychological and behavioral problems
  • more effective use of resources for educational and social support for people with this type of problem
  • and, in the longer term, better selection, training and coaching of personnel with critical jobs requiring self-control and good decision making.

Please take a look at our products and services to see how they can help you, or check out the demonstrations on this website. To discuss possibilities and obtain a quote, please contact me at via Linked In. Thank you."

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