WiltonLogic Workshop

This page provides you with some information on future developments from WiltonLogic, and some of the ideas we are working on for new products. The priorities and timetable for delivering these depends on the needs of our collaborators, so if you see something you finding interesting, and you would like to know more, please contact us at info@wiltonlogic.com or ring 610-891-7791

Online Testing

Although out original business plan did not include online testing, WiltonLogic has begun experimenting converting some of our tests from VB.net to Adobe Flash, opening the possibility for running the tests online, and collecting data over the internet. This has been made possible by the development of the computerized guided tutorials which minimize and potentially eliminate the need for an expert human tester. As you can see from the linked test program, test administration itself is not a problem. However, we have not yet finalized how we are going to collect the data. Our inital aim will be to provide the individual trying the demonstration online with some feedback on their personal performance without recording it ourselves.

Repeat Testing Instructions

The spoken instructions and the computerized guided tutorials provide detailed instructions on how to perform the test. Such detail is not required when the same experimental subjects are tested on repeated occasions. However, they cannot necessarily be expected to remember how each test in the battery works. To deal with this WiltonLogic is developing specific recapitulation instructions.

Joystick Control

Touchscreen or mouse control are not suitable for imaging studies. To adapt the WiltonLogic tests so that they could be used in imaging studies WiltonLogic is working on routines for multiple choice responding using a joystick.

Motor and Memory Testing

We are just in the process of adding some new tests to the battery to cover basic motor control and list learning. These involve navigating a spot around shapes drawn on the screen, manipulating shapes to fit into sockets displayed on the screen, and recognizing pictures from a serially presented list.

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