N-Back Test of Working Memory

The n-back test is a widely used method for testing working memory. WiltonLogic has created a discrete-trial procedure using visual spatial stimuli which is suitable for translation as well as clinical research.

Control of Attention Task

The ability to focus on relevant information is critical to good cognitive performance. The Top-Down Attentional task, based on a publication by Gold (2006), provides a quick and sensitive assay for this skill.

Sequence Learning Test

The Sequence Learning Test assays the participants' ability to acquire new information, use it to perform accurately, and then to re-use it to solve a different problem.

Task Switching

The ability to switch flexibly between different tasks is an important component of executive function. Factors such as predictability and warning signals can help or hinder effective task switching.

Probabilistic Reinforcement Learning

Learning when feedback is intermittent is a good way of testing sensitivity to reward and punishment. Adjustment of behavior in response to negative feedback seems to involve different brain circuits than response to rewards.

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