Stop-Signal Task

Stop-signal tasks measure inhibitory control. WiltonLogic has devised two tasks, a one choice task which measures the ability of the participant to inhibit a response, and a two-choice task which measures the ability to switch from one response to another in response to an external cue.

Uncertain Visual Discrimination Test

The Uncertain Visual Discrimination test measures the ability of the participant to wait until accurate information has been obtained before making a decision.

Variable Consecutive Number Test

The Variable Consecutive Number tests assess the ability of the participant to complete or terminate a chain of responses to earn a reward.

Delay of Reward

The WiltonLogic delay of reward task allows the test participant to choose between an immediate small reward and a larger reward delayed by varying intervals. We use points rewards which the participant can convert to physical rewards at the end of the test.

Progressive Ratio Test

The Progressive Ratio Test is a method for assessing persistance. The amount of work required to earn a reward increases as the test progresses.

Block Stacking Test

The Block Stacking Test is used to measure risk taking, by adding the possibility that trying to earn additional rewards (by stacking more blocks) increases the risk of losing those already earned.

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